About The Maker

What started out as Project: Christmas Gift Clutch Making turned into a fabric addiction and newfound creative outlet. Sandy Feet Hawaii was born in January 2015.

Aloha! I'm Elene, make it happen captain of Sandy Feet Hawaii. I consider myself a coconut girl in a high fashion world. I was born and raised on Kauai and have lived on three different Hawaiian Islands. I’m now residing on Oahu and working as an art director at an advertising agency and sewing and working on my personal creative outlet, Sandy Feet Hawaii. A believer and practicer of constant learning, I’m always searching out new DIY projects or tutorials and love to integrate my own personal style into the projects. In my off time, I spend as much time as I can swimming in the marvelous Pacific Ocean and soaking up the rays and fresh air in the mountains. I love to adventure outside and find new and untouched land where I can sit and remind myself why I love Hawaii so much. For me, connecting with nature is calming, humbling, thought provoking, and the most effective “reset button”.

The ocean, Hawaii's flora and fauna, travel, creatives, people with a purpose are a few of the infinite inspiring things in my life.